Weddings On A Budget

hi my name is lauren and i am the  founder and chief editor of get web for  less calm  I label myself as the chief deal fine  they’re basically my team and I we  source all the most affordable vendors  that

we can find that have the highest  rankings in various metropolitan areas  and different cities and then we deliver  them to you after diligently sourcing  them to our brides grooms and wedding  planning professionals get one for less  calm really was started out of a need I  was completely frustrated with the

vendor research process as I was  planning my own wedding just a few short  years ago and so I started get wet for  less calm as a means to create a  user-friendly easily accessible a  website that was contemporary fun to use  for brides and other wedding planning  individuals alike get what Phyllis is

the ultimate online resource for wedding  planning individuals who are seeking  affordable options for their big day we  are the ultimate online resource for all  things fabulous fun and affordable  fabulous in terms of their delivery  their presentation and also their

professionalism are they reliable will  they get back with you also fun these  vendors enjoy what they’re doing and you  can tell and of course affordable  because we while a wedding day itself is  a tremendous day one of the most  important days that will happen in  anyone’s life we realize it is a day  that can really put people in serious  debt and so get wet for less calm also  offers a tremendous blog that enables

you to have great help whether you just  got engaged and you’re looking what you  should do next or you’re close to your  wedding date and of course you just need  to be able to have help in case any  emergencies pop up that you did not  expect once you’ve created a user  account you can go ahead and use that to  vote on different vendors that are on  the site comment on the vendors that are  there as well and you can also be able  to save vendors that you love with the  vendors I heart feature that you’ll be  able to see after you’re signed in not  only that you’ll also have access to our  brides dish your community forum which  is a great location it’s

our platform in  which the bridal community engages  really to be able to talk about  offerings findings and just great deals  that you were able  find and get wet for less calm serve not  only the bride and the groom you guys  are our primary focus but on the vendor  end of it we really help to highlight  and showcase our vendors by enhancing  their reach on our networks on social  media as well as on our website and not  only that I mean we offer a tremendous  punch in your marketing arsenal as you  guys are busy developing your

products/services working on your craft  we go to work on your behalf to really  promote your services as well you can  connect with get word for Less online  through our website get wet for less com  or you can find us through our social  media networks in particular twitter  facebook and pinterest ads get wet for  us my name is lauren and i’m the founder  and chief editor of get wet for less  calm and we’re so glad that you joined  us and thank you so much for watching  our video today