Oh  hi guys this is Vaishali and welcome  back to my channel so this video is a  totally different video than my usual  videos if you guys are visiting my  channel for the first time make sure to  subscribe to it because

I make videos  every day or every alternate day so make  sure you do that when this video I will  show you guys some amazing and beautiful  ideas about the wedding trousseau  packing and gift packing and also

I will  show you guys how I made the engagement  ring plataform ring ceremony as I have  mentioned in my previous video my sister  recently got married so will did quite a  lot of packing and all that good stuff  so yeah I wanted to share that with all  of you guys also you can get it done  from outside but

it’s crazy expensive  outside plus if you are doing it at home  you can customize it according to you  all it takes is a good amount of time  but yeah you’ll be satisfied at the end  of it it did take us a lot of time more  than a week I think but at the end of it  we were happy with all the packing and  everything so

if you guys want to know  how we did all the packing please keep  on watching and yeah let’s get into the  video now  Oh  I hope you guys liked this video if you  did hit that like button and subscribe  to my channel and also follow me on my  social medias I’ll put everything in the  description bar below and yeah I will  see you guys in my next video bye