Wedding Planning: How to budget for your Wedding Day!

wedding budget’s this video will help you think about them a little bit differently hey guys Kylie from just lost a Tokra fee today.

I wanted to talk to you a little bit about wedding budget’s now I did a bit of research before i started filming this video because i myself as wondering what is the average price people pay for wedding what what is the average of what is normal and i actually found that there isn’t an average there were websites

that quotas thirty thousand dollars there were other websites at quoted sixty thousand dollars so i think that’s good news it means that your wedding day can be whatever you want it to be it can cost whatever

you want it to cost now i understand that there’s going to be a budget or an amount that you’re trying to stick to that you can afford like anything i totally get that but what I wanted to do today is actually challenge

you to think about it just a little bit differently so most couples when they start to plan their wedding they pick their budget right they think of a number that they want to spend on their wedding and they mold everything all their planning in under that budget the problem with this approach though is that

they allocate hearts their budget to each vendor but they don’t actually consider what’s most important to them what they really value as a couple and want to look back on after the wedding at the end of their

life what they will actually reflect on ago I’m glad I’m glad we had that florist I’m glad we took the extra time with the music and everyone had a blast I’m glad that we had that venue I wouldn’t wanted it

anywhere else it is so important that before you start booking vendors that you sit down and have a discussion about what is most important to you what do you want your wedding to look like what do you want it to cost but was most important when it comes to your wedding day and then you can actually cut costs on the things that aren’t some great examples of this would be to maybe have a cash bar maybe you don’t offer free alcohol at

your wedding I know that’s a bit strange for Australia but maybe actually make you guess papers and drinks maybe not having a lot of flowers at your reception if you’re not that much into florals perhaps it’s cutting back on the activities leading up to your wedding if your hands party is going to

cost a thousand dollars dipshit or have something a lot simpler thinking in a way where you can spend money on the things that you value most will mean that your wedding is exactly tailored to how you guys want it as well as your wedding budget so there we go guys I hope you found that helpful and please if

you have any questions about your wedding budget even if a stock photography related comment below I’ll be more than happy to help wherever I can and if you want to follow along and hear more advice from me subscribe as well that’d be great until next time guys see you later