WEDDING BUDGET: Budget Breakdown | Wedding Planning

happy wedding Wednesday guys so like I said today I will be talking about budgets budgets are one of the first things you should be thinking about when you are planning a wedding it was definitely one of the first things I started thinking about when we got engaged and I was trying to figure out

how much a wedding would cost how much we could afford to spend on a wedding and how much people would be willing to help out with and contribute and so these are all conversations you need to have with your significant other with your family and just be like really honest and open with people and really realistic with yourself so

I don’t know if you’ve seen this but there is a number of there that says what the average wedding cost is and it’s thirty thousand dollars that’s a lot of money so I know I personally cannot afford to spend thirty thousand dollars and

I don’t know even if I had the means to spend that much money if I would want to spend that much money on one day but to each his own and wedding is a very special day so if you did end up spending that much money on

your wedding then I guess I understand and so instead of talking about a specific budget I want to actually use this video to talk about how

you might want to break down a budget so the biggest chunk I’ll for this budget and of course this budget is flexible it can be like you don’t have to follow the fifty percent for this ten percent for that ten percent

it’s just an idea so you understand what like the bigger costs are going to be so the biggest cost like I said the fifty percent of the budget is going to go to like the reception

I know for our budget we have decided to nudge the fifty percent and actually go over that by a little bit but we’re making up for it and other costs where instead of ten percent of our budget going towards flowers and decorations we’re actually going to cut back on that so to break down this budget formula fifty percent would go to the reception and

then ten percent wedding dress and formal wear another ten percent flowers and decoration another ten percent for music and entertainment another ten percent for photo and video and then five percent for invitation and guest details and another five percent for the ceremony site and efficient again

I do think it’s flexible and keeping in mind that it’s flexible as long as you realize you’re going to have to make up over going portions by undergoing other portions in the budget so figure out what

your priorities are figure out why is most important to you obviously that’s why priorities are figure out what your priorities are see where you can cut or grow or really just stick to

it head on and be okay with whatever it is that you’re using so I hope you all have a great day and I will see you next week I have a surprise video for you guys next week because I am going on a little trip this weekend so look for that and see you later thanks for watching guys bye