The Budget Bride’s Guide to a Fairytale Wedding

the budget Brides guide to a fairy tale wedding tips from one wedding source com many couples will probably be looking for ways to reduce their wedding budget during a time of recession and it seems.

that many of them are refusing to compromise when it comes to planning their dream wedding after all this is supposed to be the most special day of your lives but if budget is not saying dream.

wedding then don’t panic a big bank account is not the only way to achieve your perfect wedding day if you are looking for a fairy tale wedding without the price tag then follow these top tips and find out exactly how to achieve it the fairy tale venue

your choice of venue will help to coordinate your wedding style and will dictate the overall look of your wedding day a dream venue often comes at a price but you can get as much as 50% off the booking price by having your wedding during a less-popular time of year or during a weekday another.

tip is to look at places that may not advertise themselves as wedding venues but would be more than happy to accommodate your special day look at museums restaurants and maybe even parks the fairy tale wedding dress your dress will be one of the most important outfits you will ever purchase so it has to be perfect

couture gowns will cost you thousands but there are other designers out there offering similar designs at much lower prices another option is to look out for designer sample sales where you can snap up a stunning dress for a bargain price check out websites like eBay Craigslist or even your local newspaper classifieds with these options you will probably have to pay for dry-cleaning and maybe alterations too but

you will still come out way under cost of a brand new dress from a designer boutique the finishing touches it is a small finishing touches which add the uniqueness of your wedding all those things such as wedding favors decorations and your wedding cake are what’s going to make

your wedding personal for both you and your fiance but all of these combined can cause serious chunks of dollars get creative and make your own decorations table centerpieces wedding favors it isn’t hard to do and you will have plenty of inspiration online and in craft stores if you know someone in the family or amongst

your friends who can bake then kindly ask them to make your wedding cake making your own wedding stationery is not difficult either you can buy kits from craft stores or if you’re familiar with card-making you will know exactly what you need to buy and can purchase everything separately the fairy tale wedding reception

your wedding reception and evening party will be a big expense mainly because this will be the biggest party that you will probably ever throw save money by having a buffet instead of a sit-down formal meal or go for a traditional cafe tea and canopy reception with cocktails put together your own buffet with the help of family and friends

you may be very surprised by the quality of food you can put together at the fraction of a cost of a professional caterer save on hiring a professional DJ by using an mp3 player instead just make sure your venue has an adequate sound system for

you to use and delegate someone in charge for keeping the music on you can load a lot of variety of songs to suit all ages and tastes a good tip is to ask your guests to nominate their favorite song on their RSVP card for more tips.