Brides offer tips for planning a wedding on a budget

Oh your wedding day is a special event you will never forget but it’s probably the most expensive party

you will ever throw the cost of an average american wedding is twenty six thousand dollars a special report kx80 news reporter Ashlie Allen shows us ways

you can get around that price and still create a fairytale experience Alison Connors is newly engaged and dreaming about the big day I have so many ideas in my head that I went took like and hopefully everything that I will tie in and look good

together she’s getting a head start and planning well in advance we’re planning for March seventh of next year so we have a year to plan the whole wedding coordinator gizelle Callahan says this is the idea amount of time to plan a wedding if you want to save money what’s

your plan the more money you can save different companies throughout the you have sales and timing is everything especially with those first big choices when and where you’ll have your wedding certain thing is will give a discount based on the month the year if

it’s a solar month then we’ll get a better price fatty and summer weddings typically get a better price off months in Central Texas our january to februari because of rain chances and july to august because of the heat magazines in tips on pinterest can help you find ways to save but if

you’re on a tight budget the best way to cut costs is to cut the guests twist if you have less guess that’s going to be less invitations less food less linens less centerpieces if you put on the regular breast you’re having you can have a much nicer wedding on a budget but what about everything in between flowers food decorations bride Jessica Tanner says budgeting is deciding what you care most about

you don’t have to spend a thousand dollars on flowers if he ought to while Alison is at the beginning of planning she’s already making those choices considering cupcakes as a cheaper alternative to multiple cakes for her big wedding but she’s enjoying the doing it out I’m very excited I wish it was already here so excited I can’t wait a feeling every bride can relate to ashley allen k eggs hg news