5 Essential Steps in Planning a Wedding Budget

hi everyone I’m alegria Seto with gala events and weddings thanks for tuning in today.

I’d like to share some tips with you for putting together a wedding budget by understanding the ins and outs of a sound wedding budget you’re planning will become much easier and you’ll be less likely to find yourself paying for

your wedding years after the celebration are you a couple that wants a champagne wedding on a beer budget by following these five essential steps in mapping out a realistic budget you’ll be able to make responsible decisions when hiring your vendors ensuring that your vision matches your pocketbook

step 1 clarify your vision sit down with your partner and discuss your ideas for your wedding you need to know what you would like to have before you can start planning get clear on the core values of your wedding so that when you start planning the details you can assess each detail according to your values

step 2 prioritize what is most important to you sit down with your partner and discuss with the most important details of your wedding are make sure you’re on the same page by prioritizing what services you must have for your wedding you’ll book vendors and services that fit your budget and ensure the most important details are in place before purchasing add-ons or the details that won’t make or break your wedding

step 3 do your homework by researching vendors you’d like to work with before determining a figure for your budget you’ll learn how much each wedding service costs call several caterers several photographers several florists etc you’ll gain a better understanding of the quality of services you can get for your dollar and have a deeper insight into your particular tastes

step 4 break it down once you’ve learned what the various wedding services cost you’ll be able to break down your budget per each service take into consideration the cost of services that match your tastes are in alignment with your prioritized values and is a realistic number for your pocketbook

step 5 track your budget there are great calculator tools on the knot wedding wire and other online services that can help you keep track of your spending keeping track of your spending is essential in making sure you don’t overspend your budget thank you so much for joining me for today’s video topic I’m putting together your wedding budget if you like to tweet comment like or pin be sure to visit me at gala events and weddings com also if you found today’s video helpful leave a comment below and be sure to let us know and share it with a friend I look forward to seeing you again soon you