3 Ways To Save When Planning Your Wedding

well over the holidays a lot of people probably found love and extended that love into an engagement ring which means a wedding is coming for some of you out there so here are three quick tips on how

you can save during your wedding planning season so one big place that you can save expenses when it comes to your wedding is FLOWERS this was something that

I personally had to cut a ton of I like had this dream of like what i wanted my reception and my bouquet and my bridesmaids bouquet everything to look like and then you get the price tag back in the time no not Bill Gates his daughter can’t be doing that right I’m on a budget and so

I had to go and cut a bunch of flowers and we got married near Christmas and so you know we had like berries some like ways to do it without flowers on some of the reception tables and that kind of thing and so I just realize how expensive flowers are so you guys don’t spend a ton of money yes you want some beautiful bouquet you know different things like that I understand but go a different route where it’s not

flowers or maybe it’s wild flowers you can find that really inexpensive I mean those kinds of things but you can spend so much money on flowers so save money there save money it kind of hurts me to say this but it can be true on the dress I think a lot of people have in their

minds like some people a designer or this like look that they want and even people get caught up you know in the store name of like I want my address at the specific store you know cuz on TV like there’s all these shows now with like where you buy your dress and maybe you can get on TV and all that but listen you can say yes to the dress anywhere there’s a lot of different variations of the same kind of look you know on the really high expensive side of things or the cheaper end or

we all say cheaper more inexpensive it’s much better word right you don’t buy a cheap wedding dress in an expensive wedding dress but there’s money you can save there I kind of made the mistake I went over my dress budget a little bit so I was like this is my perfect dress and looking back you know five years later I’m like it was beautiful but I probably if I shopped around a little bit harder could have found the same kind of

looking dress because they do all your measurements may fit it to you if you have a good seamstress you know so I had to say you can save some money on the the wedding dress itself and lastly this is what I’m finding these days there’s a lot of people are doing weddings on a more of a tighter budget but you open up the door to this black hole of a world called pinterest and you go and you look and

there’s everyone has different stations inside and there’s all these different things created you can do and some of them are great because it saves you tons of money but you can go overboard with this and you can end up spending more money on these like little knick-knack things that

you see all over the place and you look up to oh my gosh I was supposed to be saving money by doing these things and I’ve done like sixty four of them and so I’ve spent more money so be careful with the little fun things that you see because it can add up to so just say a few things to think about

you know it’s hard because you want your wanting to be perfect and beautiful and I understand that but it’s just some big areas you could probably cut a little bit or the flowers the dress and all the knickknacks that Pinterest has for us but I love interests

I might hate my new Pinterest now in the book dad and I wrote some money smart kids we have a whole wedding chapter where we talk about wedding planning and budgeting and all of that so if you want to pick up a copy and flip through that chapter it’s a good one to read you