10 planning a wedding on a budget

in today’s consumer watch with cooler air on the way fall is a big time for weddings and that means a lot of people will be hit with a big expense it’s easy to spend tens of thousand dollars on a wedding even on a budget so are there certain things you can do to cut costs

Candace Murphy when searching for ways to save Candace I did Joe and I found some helpful tips from a local wedding planner she says there are some certain items you may want to splurge on others

you can turn into a do-it-yourself project from the dress to the flowers every detail has a price tag wedding planner coffee Cross white tells me one of the most important decisions when planning a wedding is where you celebrate the thing that saves

you the most money is your venue you have to pick a great venue that is beautiful it doesn’t have to be the most gorgeous place in town but if you pick a venue that already has tables chairs and offers you a basic linen then that’s something you don’t have to buy another area where

you can save are on your floral arrangement shop locally by what’s in season and talk to your florist about your budget and don’t forget there are some things you can make or design yourself like the invitations sometimes do-it-yourself projects can be the most fun and the most memorable there are some very beautiful centerpieces that you can do

yourself a note take much time at all when it comes to the food skip the appetizers which could hike up the cost and plant a sit-down dinner sit down is usually better than buffet because the food is already portioned out for the people use your cake is your dessert you don’t have to have like an extra dessert last but certainly not least that beautiful dress that will make you shine on your wedding day

you can save money on that too sometimes a couple thousand dollars the sample sales there are trunk sales they’re all kind of things that you can participate in now across white says it’s a good idea to hire a wedding planner because they were no where a lot of the deals are in town locally and

they work with people pretty much every day planning these weddings so they search out a good person when you’re trying to find those good deals and she also advises don’t splurge on the DJ because you want to have fun on your wedding day and she says if you have that needs it going then you’re going to be dancing everyone else is going to be having a good time and some of those websites like wedding be things like that

you can get decorations that have already been used mean it’s like you’re probably not going to use them again most likely so why not get some that you like that another bride is used interesting tip though to hire a wedding planner because some people may think I hire a wedding planner that’s an extra cost right there yeah their job is to go out and find you all those deals on the safety of those costs a good tip right there definitely good stuff thank you so much Candice now we’ll be back in just a few minutes with the