Choosing your Wedding Bands- A look at Platinum

When choosing rings for your wedding bands, we are induated with choice for metals. Whilst gold is by far the most popular, we look at platinum rings this week.
Gold rings have been traditionally used as wedding bands all over the world. However, we see that the popularity of these rings are decreasing by the day. Today, we see that platinum rings are gaining popularity over the days as an alternative to gold wedding rings. The sophistication and elegance of platinum bands make them very popular among men and women. Before we move forward to understand its growing popularity, let us have a look at its history.

History of Platinum

The first time platinum was mentioned was in the sixteenth century in Europe. It is popularly known that an Italian humanist named Julius Caesar Scalinger discovered this metal in the year 1557. He named it Platina del Pinto which means a silvery substance from the Colombian Pinto River. It was not easy to extract this metal from nature, so it did not become well known among scientist of that time. This metal became popular among scientists by the end of eighteenth century when Pierre Francois Chabaneu extracted large amounts of the metal. He made the first platinum chalice and presented it to the Pope Pius VI; and moved forward to establish the first production company for platinum in Spain. Due to its high melting point and greater durability, platinum has been used for a number of reasons like making royal crowns, military equipment and utensils. The rarity of this precious metal and the problems the extractors face while extracting it from nature makes it very special and expensive. Today, people see platinum as a sign of luxury and sophistication.

Popularity of Platinum Rings

Platinum has become a popular choice for rings among people. They have premium quality finish that makes them stand out from other rings and bands. The best thing about platinum rings is that they are durable and requires low maintenance. This is the reason why people wear it for daily use as a wedding band. Platinum has hypo-allergenic properties which make it well suited for people with sensitive skin. People who have problems wearing gold rings simply love wearing rings made from platinum.
I recommend having a look at these New Zealand made platinum rings here. These rings are shimmery and does not shine like cheap metals.

When it comes to design, platinum rings are versatile and trendy. Their elegance and quality can be retained while making rings of any design. There are various designs of these rings available at jewelry stores that you may choose to buy. You may also order for a ring with your specifications so that it perfectly fits your finger.